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As you might noticed from my last blog posts I’m quite passion on ServerJS. So ? So I have new pat now, BTW it’s my favorite one so far.. :P I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts that I would like to have a bespin as firefox extension and I had a thought that it will be very simple to port it from jack once I will finish the port from python. Well I was wrong !! What does that mean ? It means bye to xpcom and hello to require. From now on you can have exactly same code running on your js beased server or in your browsers extension. I have implemented a new platform for narwhal which is firefox, any xulrunner based app, or a xulrunner itself. After all my experience with xulrunner and xpcom I feel like switching from bike to a Ferarri. Feel free to take my Ferrari for a ride and let me know what do you think!!

Only thing you would have to do would be an installation of extension. After it’s done you have to do.

once you’ve done line above feel self in narwhal and enjoy the ride !!

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