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I don’t post a lot unfortunately, the reason is that I don’t really have time to play with some interesting stuff to post about it later :( But fortunately I found some time for creating ubiquity command.

I have to work a lot with JIRA & Crucible at my day job. So I’ve decided to simplify my life somehow :)

I was thinking about this already for a long time… I also wanted to check out Ubiquity, but from the internal side. I have decided to give it a try. I followed very nice tutorial, to be honest I was amazed to see it being so complete. Usually it’s completely different when dealing with mozilla.

Result seems to be quite nice at least it is what I was targeting to you can give it a try if you are also dealing with jira or crucible. Actually there are some other Ubiquity command related to the JIRA but they seem to be site specific and settings are hardcoded. In with this command you can set your jira / crucible URL and enjoy it.

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