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Some of you tried to use Picasa Photo Viewer Which I have posted Previously. Some of you even had a problems with installation. The thing is that Google also realize port for which you can . Great news but only sad thing about it is that they did not ported Picasa Photo Viewer which is a great peace of Software by it’s own (At least I think so). Even more as I expected that the port of Picasa Photo Viewer would happen the same time with as Picasa 3 by google I marked my package non compatible with it. (To avoid useless garbage on your HDD). Well as some of you are having some problems with installation and I wanted to use Edit with Picasa button which was broken in the previous build I decided to make another port which will use an actual Picasa Photo Viewer in the Picasa 3 Package with google. It means no garbage on HDD, no dependency on wine (Well Picasa has a modified wine itself), not compatible with Picasa > 3.0. It also should replace previous installation, if was one. Of course it requires Picasa 3.

I would definitely advice everyone who used this package before or Picasa 2, to move to the Picasa 3.

alt screenshot

**Updated **

I received several questions on how to set Picasa Photo Viewer as a default photo viewer. As most of the people use KDE or GNOME the instructions can be different.

If you are KDE user it’s reasonably easy. You have to go to

System SettingsAdvanced (tab) ➥ File Associations

There you can set default app per file type

If you are the GNOME user not sure if there some GUI to set default apps for file types, but another simple way can be right click on the file (with file type you want to associate with Picasa Photo Viewer), in the pop-up

Open withOpen with other application…Use a custom commandPicasaPhotoViewer

Unfortunately that’s the step to repeat for each file type you want to associate

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